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Your Ultimate Parent Success

The parenting or relationship advice you need can't be found in a book or on the internet.

In fact, you don't need advice at all.

"I'm at a loss as to how to handle this.... any advice would be appreciated!"

Is this you?

Maybe you want to be more involved with your kids because your mom never was, or your dad was a deadbeat.

Or maybe you're unhappy with your career, and life in general.

You're stuck on repeat of just going through the motions: Kids up-dressed-fed-to school, work, home, dinner, bedtime, start over.  It's like you're helplessly stuck in an uninspiring Groundhog Day.

You and your husband haven't spent one full night together alone in your own bed in years, much less a real date night.  You barely have time to get dressed or even pee in peace.

You just want to find the old happy you, the old loving relationship, and trust that your kids are going to turn out ok… maybe even better than ok.

It's time to stop the sleepless nights, wondering if you're screwing up your kids or if you should get a divorce,  and start hitting the pillow madly in love with the life you've created.

Transforming your important relationships has nothing to do with what other people think you should be doing.

Fears + experiences disguised as "advice" is a recipe for disaster!

Trusting your kids are going to be successful adults, 
or the grass isn't greener with the nice guy at work
is as simple as repairing only one relationship in your life: 
the one you have with your self. 

Once you rip the bandage off the old wounds these relationships are aggravating, they heal and your connection with your husband or kids transforms. 

Only our kids or spouse see us so raw and exposed. Anything they say or do might remind us of a hurt or unresolved issue that's long been buried.

We have no idea that's what's going on when Billy is having a meltdown and we feel the heat rise up in our heads.   We think what the hell is wrong with this child and how do I fix him??

When my client Jill came to me, she questioned every move she made with her young children. 

She was afraid to not prepare them for the harsh world and was also afraid they were going to end up anxious like her.

She had found countless articles on how to respond to tantrums and was more anxious than ever, not knowing who to trust and having no inner compass to rely on.

Does this feel like you?

She immediately started asking me for advice, too.

The problem wasn't finding the right expert to trust.  The real problem was that every time her toddler threw a tantrum, Jill was right back in her own childhood, scared and afraid of the torrent of emotions coming from her sister, her parents' reactions, and the harsh judgements (disguised as advice) that came from supposed "experts."

By the time she finished my Ultimate Parent Success course and ten weeks of coaching, Jill was not only able to stay calm during the tantrums, she'd found her own inner knowing of exactly how to respond moment by moment.

When I first started coaching Deb, she was long past ready to divorce her husband, who was struggling with addiction and shirking responsibilities.

"I need a partner, not another kid!"

Venting to her stylist was only making the situation worse, as she added to her fears from her own unresolved issues with an alcoholic.

Agonizing over what choice to make had consumed her thoughts, but living in the future also meant she wasn't paying attention at all to what she needed and what was really happening in the present.

As we uncovered pattern after pattern that was repeating from her childhood as the daughter of an addict, she rediscovered control over her own life and started taking action to stop reacting and find pleasure every day, changing their dynamic and beginning a new chapter in their relationship.


10 Weeks to Ultimate Parent Success

Create Relationships So Connected That Everyone Wins, Every Time

- 10 Lessons That'll Teach You How to Talk So Your Family Will Listen
- Lifetime Access to Downloadable Audios, Worksheets, and Meditations
- 10 Hours of One-on-One Private Coaching
- 24/7 Email Support for 70 Days
- Facebook Group
- Access to GoZen Anxiety Videos and Tools for Children (If Applicable)


What You're Going to Learn in Each Lesson:

Week 1: Making Peace with Your Parenting Past

There's no judgement here.  Let's figure out where you've been, how you were raised, what you liked or didn't like about it all, and where you want to go so we can get you there.

 This week has four assignments.  While not mandatory, my clients learn a lot from this process and it allows us to identify a clear plan for your vision of a sweet life.

// Setting an Intention for Yourself and Your Child (Worksheet)
// Generational Parenting Patterns
// Your Relationship With Your Child (Worksheet)
// Making Peace With Your Parenting Past (Worksheet)
// Becoming Aware of Your Childhood Story (Worksheet)

Week 2: Your Quantum Mindshift as a Parent

This 20-minute meditation is kind of like lube for your brain.  It helps those old, residual thoughts and feelings from your own childhood be released so new, empowering beliefs and joy can come in.

// The Quantum Mindshift Meditation is based on the latest brain science and is meant to be listened to with headphones so you can unstick the yucky thoughts

Week 3: Making Sense of Brain Science and Emotional Intelligence

With powerful communication tools, you'll quickly get your family to listen.  As you become your child's Emotion Coach, you'll able to respond with empathy to your child and build their emotional intelligence.

// Your Child's Basic Human Needs and Core Belief Patterns
// The P.E.A.C.E. Process - Evolve Your New Language of Connection
// Holding Space for a Child's Sensory Awareness
// The New Communication of Feelings, Needs, and Beliefs
// Discovering Your Child's Core Life Enhancing Belief (Worksheet)

Week 4: Forgiveness & Parenting

Sometimes we get caught up in the drama from our past so much that we aren't able to see what's in front of us.  This process is about reclaiming your energy so you can fill your brain with joy.

// The Forgiveness Meditation is meant to be listened to with headphones
// The Power of Forgiveness (Worksheet)

Week 5:  Empowered Conversations

This is the communication tool that will take your marriage or relationship from defunct to delightful.  I consider this learning how to have an "adult" conversation.  It's sooo powerful!!

// 5 Steps to Having an Empowered Conversation

Week 6: Integration and Practice of a New Mindset

The process of undoing our subconscious "programming" from early childhood is not something that happens overnight.  Our brain takes time to transform, and these affirmations help that process along.

// What is the Quantum Affirmations Meditation?

Week 7: Establishing Boundaries According to Family Values

Identify your personal strengths and values so you can create the structure your child needs to thrive.  This work of uncovering what matters to you most helps shape your boundaries so they're easy to hold and you'll know exactly when to stand strong and when it's okay to bend.

// Your Personal Values (Worksheet)
// Personal Strengths  (Worksheet)
// Establishing Boundaries According to Family Values

Week 8:  Exploring Anger

Anger is an expression of unmet needs.  It's a valid emotion that shouldn't be ignored, repressed, or shamed.  Learning to deal with anger is vital to our child's success.  What is your anger trying to tell you?

// Exploring Anger (Worksheet)
// The Anger Diagram (Worksheet)

Week 9: Play With Your Kids

Play is the work of childhood, and there is no better way to connect with your children than through play.  Not only does it create many happy memories, it is a great way to work through problems and "teach" without demanding.

// Fun to Have With Your Kids
// Jai Institute Personal Transformation Form (Worksheet)

Week 10: Your Personal Transformation

Conscious parenting is an on-going life process and you'll continue to use the tools and intentions created here to support you as your child grows. 

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Includes the Daily Greatness Parents Journal that will help you take control of every day, so your life continues to match your big, beautiful vision!

Who's the Ultimate Parent Success Program for?

For the ones who are done living their lives based on the advice of everyone else

For the ones who want to wake up to a new, meaningful day instead of rinsing and repeat the boring duties of adulthood

For the ones who just don't know what to do next but know it's not as drastic as divorce

For the ones who tried therapy or counseling and left more confused than when they started

For the ones who have seen the spark inside themselves and are ready to let it shine again

For the ones that know they want to parent differently than they were parented but have no idea what that really means

For the ones who don't want their children to suffer the way they did

Because advice, forums, and books aren't working for you now, and I promise you they're not going to work for you in the future.

Let's Sum It All Up.

The way to have rewarding relationships that build you up instead of wear you down:
Repair the Relationship with Your Self First.

I'm Beth Rowles.

Parent and relationship coach, author + family alchemist.

All things relationships are my jam. I make a full time living in my business all by guiding clients back to rewarding relationships.

I have Jai Institute for Parenting parent coach + Practical Reiki certifications and have 2+ years of personal training with Dr. Shefali Tsabary (Oprah's "favorite parenting expert" and author of The Conscious Parent). 

I'm the co-author of a book on marriage (how I went from ready to divorce to happily ever after in my own relationship).  And I co-host A Soul Meeting online conscious book clubs.

When I say relationships are my jam, I mean it.



I'm all about you.

Your dreams and goals, heartbreaks and struggles.

Your kids showering you with I Love You Mom's and fresh picked flowers.

Your husband pulling you in close and whispering, "What else can I do for you today?"

Because when you heal the relationship with yourself, you heal every other relationship in your life.

What Parents Are Saying

"Family Being has helped me along my parenting journey as well as life situations.  Tremendous support and provides tools to make connections in your relationship with your children." - Crissy S. 

"Beth at Family Being is incredible!  She has a unique way of authentically aligning with her clients in a calm and connective state allowing the client to feel safe and supported.  Would recommend her parent coaching to anyone seeking to move to the next level of conscious connectedness with their children or in any relationship they are feeling stuck." - Cori M. 

"Beth is such a kind, compassionate, intelligent soul.  She can resonate with challenging situations and find in them the light.  Such a grounding, positive presence." - Leela D.

"I'm so thankful to know such a wholehearted soul." - Amy S.

"You're a blessing.  Thank you for seeing me and allowing our connection.  Thank you for your positivity and the lovely energy you share." Brigid H.


This is a lot of money / my husband controls the finances and doesn't think this is an issue / do you have any other financing options?

I would love to work with you and do offer a sliding scale in some cases, so please contact me.  You could do just one session at my hourly rate of $175 to see what coaching is all about.  I'll roll it into this package if you want to continue.

What could be a better investment than a loving, connected relationship with your own children?  With your husband?  This is a lifetime investment -- not just for you, but for your child's success as an adult and the future generations that will be impacted by the way you parent.   You're breaking the cycle. Don't let anyone hold you back from doing what's best for you.

Are you going to judge me or follow me around and critique my parenting?

No.  I hold absolutely no judgement!  This isn't about shaming or making anyone feel yucky, this is about finding solutions and ways to make your reality match your vision for your family. 

I'm not Super Nanny and I'm not perfect  This is about your wholeness, not perfection. I care about you and want to help you live your sweetest life possible.  Through that, your children will thrive.

Effective communication is my thing and I am able to give you practical tools and tips, especially for those maddening 0-6 years -- which are my specialty.

Will you work with my child?

I would love to talk with your adolescent child if they need support, but a child's transformation almost always depends on the parent's transformation.

This sounds like therapy… is this therapy?

No, this isn't therapy.  Therapists often go to coaches!  Some clients go to a therapist and a coach at the same time, depending on their histories and any traumas they've experienced.  Coaching is more in the field of Spiritual Psychology -- together we will look at the whole you: mind, body, and spirit.

Also, my goal is never to have a life-long client.  I encourage growth, not dependency.  

What kind of time commitment is this?

You'll need 1-2 hours a week to do your online course and any worksheets, and about an hour for our phone call.

I don't see a time that works for me on your schedule, do you have anything else available?

I will make an attempt to work with your schedule if I can, just contact me.  I do encourage you to consider this a wonderful act of self-care that is worthy of carving into your schedule if possible, such as using your lunch break or having family come over for an hour to watch your kids.

Are installments automatically processed each month?

Yes.  Stripe securely saves your information and processes the payment.  Of course, when taking up an installment plan, you agree to pay the balance in full. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

Of course!  I want you to succeed and to be committed to your own happiness.  You can try the Ultimate Parent Success program for 14 days, 100% risk free.  Just email me to cancel. 

No worries, literally.