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Start Here: Re-Write Your Story

Hello, Love!

It's my honor to see you.  I'm Beth --a coach just for parents --  and I want to be your biggest fan!  

Your Life Story

You know how parenting doesn't come with a manual, yet we're responsible for raising these mini humans?

Yeah -  it's not like trial and error is really the best strategy here!

We all write our life story based on the way we were parented.

When your child writes a best-selling tell-all novel someday, will you be the lovable hero? Or the angry villain?

I promise you, the first six years of your life created every single roadblock you've ever experienced.

From relationships to social anxiety, to addictions to everything from food to shopping or video games, to career struggles -- all of it is a result of that tiny chunk of your lifetime -- less than a decade!

Your Parents

You see, as your cute, miniature body grew, your brain was basically in a state of hypnosis.  Whatever your parents told or showed you in that timeframe stuck.  FOREVER.  Think of it this way: if you were a computer, what they did became your operating system, the program guiding every decision.

And let's be honest, they were working with really poor resources.  There was no internet.  They didn't have google at their fingertips (how many times have you googled an issue while your kid was having it??!).  There's a really good chance that they had no flipping idea what you needed most of the time.

Do you really want to parent based on what your google-less parents did??

Your Child's Story

Likewise, do you have time to read the books or millions of articles on parenting?  Do you have time to search for a class that will really help you?  Which experts do you trust?   Who is aligned with your values? 

And how will you get specific advice about your child and their unique needs so you don't unintentionally create these roadblocks for them?  Books and webinars aren't personalized to you and your own, special, fascinating, plot twist-filled story. 

You need someone that understands what you're dealing with right now - you can't find that kind of individualized help from a book or webinar, or even a therapist whose primary goal is to keep you coming back.

I'll Help You Re-Write Both

As a Certified Parent Coach, I will listen as you share your unique challenges and then customize your parenting plan to suit the specific needs of you and your family. 

Isn't that crazy?  We're going to update your operating system.  Like, literally re-write the program and remove any outdated apps. 

You're going to start looking at life totally differently, and take over the writing of your life story from your parents.  I want to give you your power back.  No, that's not even it - I want to help you unleash the power you've always had but couldn't find through the muck of your own programming.

When you harness your own power, when you take the control back over your parenting, you are also going to re-write your child's story.

Kids already older than 6?  No need to panic.  Just as I can help you re-write YOUR story, you can absolutely still re-write theirs.  And be the hero in both.  Even at bedtime.

Lucky for us, the brain can be updated - and yours has been popping up those annoying "Time to Install Updates!" reminders for a while now.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • A New Story For Your Child or Children Where You Stay the Hero
  • Learn How to Identify the Need Behind Your Child's Behavior
  • Motivation and Support As You Transform
  • Skills and Tools to Manage Anger, Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
  • Resolution for Your Family's Specific Pain Points
  • Authentic Power You'll Harness For Joy and Abundance
  • Healing of Your Own Childhood Wounds
  • A Brand New Version of Operating System For Your Brain
  • Removal of The Roadblocks In Your Path So You Can Achieve The Life of Your Dreams
  • Effective Communication Skills So Your Loved Ones Will Listen To You
  • Confidence Through Identification And Implementation of Your Ideal Boundaries & Limits 
  • Freedom, Liberation, Peace, Confidence, Power, Cooperation, and An Inner Shift To Joy

Here's how it works:

Our coaching sessions will be over the phone.  We'll talk for an hour every week  and you'll experience the life-changing magic of my coaching process.  I want to hear you share your struggles and guide you back to that inner power and wisdom you've maybe forgotten that you have.

We'll work through a 10-module online parenting Ultimate Success course that is stuffed full of the information you need to understand how to communicate with your child and set effective boundaries.

I'll be available for e-mail support throughout our time together - just send me a message and I'll respond within 24 hours.

Plus, some of my packages include a special gift I'll pick just for you that will support your new life and keep you focused even when we're no longer working together.

Sound good?

Here are my available packages.  While working together 10 weeks and taking the course is the most effective, I've tried really hard to create something that would work for everyone's time and budget.  So, there are no excuses.  Let's get real: you can't put a price on your inner peace and happiness, or your child's future! 

Choose Your Transformation:

Coaching Membership:
Build up 30 Minutes of One-on-One Coaching per month + Membership in Facebook Community

Mini-Package: Three Coaching Sessions:
3 One Hour One-on-One Coaching Sessions + 3 Weeks of Email Support + Membership in Facebook Community

10 Weeks to Ultimate Parent Success:
10 One Hour One-on-One Coaching Sessions + 10 Weeks of E-mail Support + Membership in Facebook Community + Ultimate Parent Success Online Course + Spiritual Care Package (Gift Specially Selected for You)

Total Transformation Package:
52 One Hour One-on-One Coaching Sessions + Unlimited E-mail Support for One Year + Membership in Facebook Community + Ultimate Parent Success Online Course + Spiritual Care Package (Gifts Specially Selected For You)

Don't waste another second trying to do this yourself.  Yes, you are resourceful and amazing and can do it all, but girl, do this for YOU!  Invest in you so your children can see that SUPERHERO that you are, RIGHT NOW.   Let an expert help you - you don't always have to do it all on your own.

It's time to stop playing small and time to start manifesting YOUR best life.  Don't let anyone hold you back from doing what's best for you.  

What Parents Are Saying

"Family Being has helped me along my parenting journey as well as life situations.  Tremendous support and provides tools to make connections in your relationship with your children." - C. Sauer 
"Beth at Family Being is incredible!  She has a unique way of authentically aligning with her clients in a calm and connective state allowing the client to feel safe and supported.  Would recommend her parent coaching to anyone seeking to move to the next level of conscious connectedness with their children or in any relationship they are feeling stuck." - C. Meadows 
"Beth is such a kind, compassionate, intelligent soul.  She can resonate with challenging situations and find in them the light.  Such a grounding, positive presence." - L. Denise

"I'm so thankful to know such a wholehearted soul." - A. Shih 

"You're a blessing.  Thank you for seeing me and allowing our connection.  Thank you for your positivity and the lovely energy you share." B. Hopkins

No worries, literally.

I stand 100% behind my coaching.  If you aren't satisfied within the first 14 days, I'll refund your money. 

 Just email me, to cancel.

Ready to transform?  Sign up now or apply here for your complimentary Discovery Call, where we'll see if we're a match to work together.